Track Day at H2R
Friday, March 30th, 2012

We have booked Harris Hill Road on the last Friday in March for Texas Cobra Club,
and their guests from Corinthian Vintage, Vintage RL, and beyond to benefit the
wounded warriors of Operation Comfort.

The track day is sponsored as a small part of Texas Cobra Club's Spring Meet festivities, held annually
in Central Texas... Cobra, Vintage (and not so Vintage) attendees over the past two years have enjoyed
Harris Hill Road as a small, "grass-roots organized" driving event. Participants of the event have made
use of the small and technical road racing course for preseason league test-and-tune, or shake down
before BBORR, or to re-whet their driving skills following winter doldrums.

Located on the outskirts of San Marcos, Texas, Harris Hill Road offers a 1.8 mile, 11-turn asphalt road
course, with over 150 feet of elevation changes throughout. We will have the track for the afternoon,
and participants will enjoy multi-session facility use with a leisurely start time.

The day will loosely shape up as follows:
- Mandatory Drivers Meeting Will Kick Off The Day
- Routine Tech Check Covering Safety Equipment And Driveability Will Follow
- Lunch on site
- 4+ Sessions per group (20-25 minutes)
- Grid Goes Cold At 6:00pm Sharp
- Reminder, There is no gas on site

What are folks saying about Texas Cobra Club Track Day at H2R?

"...HH is a great place to learn...track is technical and safe... we are in." - Roy A.
"...I need a track day to wring out the new IRS. Will use the parking lot at Embassy if necessary." - Sam W.
"...I'm in..." - Gary T.
"...Tom logged 525 miles to be exact." (!!) "Count me in. I guess I can find some quiet mufflers." - Gene H.
"...I'm in for track day. I never get enough." - Jack H.
"...I am definitely in." - Kevin O.
"...We need to make this happen !" - Steve S.
"...Friday = Sponsor Shopping and Driver Test & Tune Track Day & Bragging Party" - Larry R.
"...I'm in." - Jeff G.
"...My pref is to do the track day, I'm still in" - Shawn K.
"...I'd like to come and play too." - Charlie J.
"...How do I sign up?" - Kevin F.
"...I'm going to plan on coming..." - Mark M.
"...I would like to participate." - Andrew B.
"...You can put me down for sure. We had a great time last year" - Danny N.
"...and its for a good cause." - John S.
"...I'm totally in and ready... $150 for the Spring Meet track time at Harris Hills is a deal!" - Joe S.
"...Standing by with $150 in hand... it is the most fun you can have with clothes on." - Bob B.
"...I remember Russell having a blast at the event last year. Count me in." - Scott W.
"...Count me in on the trackday." - Gregg H.
"...Really looking forward to it. Thanks for the opportunity" - Lance L.
"...Have visited H2R, but never run it. Thanks for the opportunity." - Bill B.
"...Thanks for extending an offer to join you." - Lloyd G.
"...Looking forward to driving a new track." - Tim M.
"...Getting ready for the season, so a chance to shakedown with you guys will be a blast...Again!" - David N.
"...Bringing the Factory Car... sounds like fun." - Steve S.
"...Where do I sign up?" - Jim W.





Download The
Trackday Flyer
Participation is by pre-registration only... i.e. there will be no on-site registration.
Requested skill-level groups will be reviewed and assigned based upon prior track experience, car
performance, and number of participants. All cars must submit to tech inspection prior to being
admitted to the grid. Tech inspection may include an exhaust sound-pressure level check.
Cars metering greater than 99db at 30-feet may be excluded from the grid. Tech inspection will cover
all safety and drivability aspects from the Tech-Check form. Also, all participants and spectators
must check-in and sign the group waiver upon arrival.
Fee for participation is $150 per driver/car, with all proceeds going to Operation Comfort. To complete
your registration, fill out
Enrollment and Tech-Check forms, and submit your PayPal payment.
Contact John Shelton at or (214) 929-6264 for more information.

We are appreciative of Foundation, Matching and Support Commitments from our sponsors: valero.jpg kcpe.jpg h2rlogo.jpg hms.jpg lonstarclassics.jpg mercedes.jpg kcb.jpg

Registrant Car
Roy Allen GT-350
Andrew Bianchi Cobra
Richard Bickle Cobra
Bill Boden GTO
Bob Brzezinski Lister
Kevin Ford Spec Miata
Jeff Garrett Mustang
Lloyd Goldwire 911
Gene Hassell Mustang
Tom Hassell Mustang
Gregg Herdlitchka Cobra
Jack Hopkins Cobra
Dick Hunter Mustang
Hurricane Motorsports Cobra
Lance Langehennig Z06
Jack Madeley Cobra
Tim Maulden Cobra
Marshall Moore M3
Danny Nolen Cobra
David Nolen Mustang
Kevin O'Grady Cobra
Phil Pickens Boss 302
Larry Reyburn Daytona
Stephen Seitz Mustang
John Shelton Cobra
Joe Stone Cobra
John Tollenaere Mustang
Gary Tucker Cobra
Ken Walker Cobra
Sam Watson Cobra
William Wolff GT-350
James Worth Boss 302